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Dear God-I hope you got the letter.

Dear God- I Hope you got the letter A Story by Michael Sisemore This is the start to a much longer story/screenplay that was inspired by the song Dear God by XTC. It has been in the back of my head for a… Continue Reading “Dear God-I hope you got the letter.”

Podcast with Kera and Bill-Uncovering Happiness

Reviews are coming in Hot!

5-Stars “This book shows the Author’s journey not only on the Appalachian Trail, but the journey and transformation to a new life. It is also a wonderful tribute to his trail family, his friend Jack, and his wife and daughter. As a person who… Continue Reading “Reviews are coming in Hot!”

Podcast #1

With Papa Bear Hikes. Please take a while to listen to our conversation that really examines the transformative nature of long distance hiking. Very important topics in addition to transformation that we cover include my friendship with Baltimore Jack Tarlin, The Ritual Process by… Continue Reading “Podcast #1”

Podcast Alert!

I recently had a great conversation with Steve aka Mighty Blue on the AT. Our talk just dropped this morning. We talk about running away from home as an adult and many aspects of change that a person who Thru-hikes can experience. Give us… Continue Reading “Podcast Alert!”

In the Real World I Hike: Transformation of purpose and self in 5 million easy steps. My first book is now available!

Imagine being alone in the wilderness, after 900 miles of hiking, in the blistering heat of summer, collapsed against a tree sobbing uncontrollably as the sudden desperate reality of your life has driven a stake through your body pinning it to the ground, immovable… Continue Reading “In the Real World I Hike: Transformation of purpose and self in 5 million easy steps. My first book is now available!”

Robbers Roost Trail and Cave-Sedona, Arizona

Robbers Roost trail. Many of the directions posted on various blogs and travel sites are lacking details to say the least. My daughter and I put the pieces together and found this really cool cave. Turns out it was pretty close to where we… Continue Reading “Robbers Roost Trail and Cave-Sedona, Arizona”

What is Living?

  The was a man among us. A man who, at one time, may have possessed everything the world had to offer. For a time, he did everything the world expected of him. He had the right education, a pedigree from a good family, and… Continue Reading “What is Living?”

In the Real World I Hike: Excerpt 2- Baltimore Jack Tarlin

This is just a part of what I will tell about Jack and his relationship with the trail in my book. I’m holding off on pictures except for this one. It seems appropriate somehow. There are some common themes among the hikers that I… Continue Reading “In the Real World I Hike: Excerpt 2- Baltimore Jack Tarlin”

In the Real World I Hike Book Excerpt #1

This begins on page 10 of the manuscript I have nearly finished. It is also the first time I have publicly posted anything from it to be reviewed by anyone. It is not entirely edited yet, so please excuse any typos or poor structure.… Continue Reading “In the Real World I Hike Book Excerpt #1”